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David Burton - Writer / Director / Editor

David is a registered nurse turned filmmaker who received his Associates of Science degree in Nursing in 2005 and has since been working as a registered nurse in the hospital setting on medical, surgical, cardiac, and intensive care units. While in school he was the President of the International Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa for 2 year and was also named to the All-Connecticut Academic Team in 2005. Now living in Tampa, FL he continues working at a community hospital while pursuing his independent filmmaking career as president and founder of Sir Rebel Films. After making several short films and music videos he found his calling in creating feature length documentaries that have a positive impact on his community. David spent 2 years writing, directing, and editing his first feature documentary inGREEDients, a film that has successfully blended his career as a health care professional with his passion for filmmaking. In 2009 inGREEDients took the independent film festival circuit by storm winning 6 awards and self-distributing thousands of DVDs around the globe. The inGREEDients movie went international in 2010 when Burton signed a deal with Russia Today (RT) who has broadcasted the film to over 70 countries on 6 continents. David has spent the last 2 years leading an outreach program that includes speaking engagements and screening the film at schools, churches, libraries, yoga centers, and spas throughout Florida. Most recently he has been focusing his efforts speaking to children at schools about the connection between diet and disease while working on 2 new documentaries slated to come out next year. The most rewarding part of the entire process has been talking to the kids in schools, teaching them healthy eating habits at an early age is the best thing we can do for the health care crisis in America. David Burton

J. Thomas Wenzel III - Producer


J. Thomas Wenzel also known as "J" can be most accurately described as a professional vagabond and serial entrepreneur. His unrelenting spirit and fortuitous drive have led him around the world in search of fortune, spiritual harmony and inner peace. “J” has a drive that is unsurpassed and when it's time to dig-in, he's ready to work. From sales to marketing and now producing documentaries, his spirit, effort and energies are unsurpassed and has been an invaluable member of the Sir Rebel team and the creation
of inGREEDients. “J” is also a vibrational alchemist and travels the country performing vibrational therapy with the non-profit organization, Gong The Planet.

Gary Lavarack - Visual Effects Supervisor / Animator

Gary Lavarak

If you look up the word 'Artist' in the dictionary you may as well find a picture of Gary Lavarack's smiling face. He is the quintessential 20th century artist and has dedicated his life to his craft. His career started back in 1962 as an official photographer for the New York World Fair and then he became Art Director and Head Photographer for several studios in California. Gary is an incredible fine arts painter, sculptor, and inventor. He designed the Chopper Guitar, a fully functional guitar that is machined from a solid piece of aluminum but his real passion would be found in digital animation. With a career spanning more than 5 decades, Gary has been able create art that is relevant to media and pop culture by transcending from canvas to computer. He worked in Los Angeles for almost 10 years animating for employers such as; Warner Brothers, Fantasy II, DreamQuest (Disney Studios), Foundation Imaging, and Digital Fantasy. Retiring from the motion picture industry at age 55, he moved to Connecticut to pursue his art and the invention of the Digital Model A, an electric car. Gary decided to help with the animation needs for the documentary inGREEDients and he quickly became part of the Sir Rebel Films team and was made the Visual Effects Supervisor. He was a mentor to the whole crew and helped throughout the entire filmmaking process.

Robyn Burton - Associate Producer / Production Manager


Starting as a sales associate and quickly moving into sales management, Robyn now has over 16 years in the sales industry with expertise in marketing, consulting, training and other financial services dedicated to achieving profitability while delivering outstanding customer service. Her greatest assets are her positive attitude, professional demeanor, and exceptional people skills. Because of her performance record, strong personal ethics and integrity, Robyn has managed offices that consistently profited an average of 1-2 million dollars a month. As a business manager she has recruited, interviewed, hired, trained, supervised, evaluated, and promoted people from all walks of life. This position has also required her to be a highly organized team-builder with strong leadership skills who is comfortable working well under pressure and meeting strict deadlines. After the financial meltdown of 2008, Robyn jumped ship from the banking industry to a more rewarding career in the film industry. This was a logical step for a woman with her experience and being married to an award winning documentary film writer/director. Most recently as the Administrative Production Manager for Sir Rebel Films, she has been responsible for coordinating the production, managing the budget and realizing the visions of the producer and director of the nutritional-health documentary inGREEDients. As the Associate Producer for inGREEDients she has sold DVDs worldwide via the films website and affiliates websites, sold and scheduled screenings of the film, sold and managed teaching licenses to schools across the country and managed aggressive social media marketing. Educating the public with community screenings and speaking to students at local public schools has helped Robyn realize her new path in helping produce educational documentaries that have a positive impact on her community. By combining her passion for community service and healthy living with her extensive sales and management experience, Robyn is finally reaching her potential as an integral member of Sir Rebel Films and The inGREEDients Team.

Jake Williams - Post Production Supervisor / Editor


Jake is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in communications. As a student he studied the art of film and video editing. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from studio news production to independent film and documentary production. After winning the Eastern video festival with his documentary
"The Understory", a film about "Los Tuxtlas" a region of Mexican rainforest, he joined the inGREEDients post production team. After completing post production on inGREEDients, Jake spent a short time at Connecticut's NBC affiliate, WVIT channel 30. He now works as a videographer for Cine-med in Woodbury, CT where he shoots and cuts training videos for medical professionals. In his spare time he continues to pursue independent film and the search for the perfect apple.